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Friday, October 19, 2007

SPX pics!

D'oh, I forgot the photos. Here we go, then. I'm more than a bit rubbish at remembering to take photos so it's a bit of a patchy record, but there are about a thousand photos elsewhere on the internet so I feel the pressure is off me somewhat.

This is the Convention Center. It's a very swanky joint, but it's stuck in the middle of a sea of faceless concrete. I guess they don't expect people to leave once they get there until it's time to get back on the plane.

This is the pre-show party at Big Planet Comics.

Nick Abadzis relaxing in the hotel on Thursday night.

Sacha Mardou took this picture of Nick and me, both of us looking completely wiped out, Nick from his book tour and me because I can't hold my drink.

Left to right: Dylan Williams, Sacha Mardou, Nick Abadzis. (Hiding behind Dylan is Sacha's husband Ted.)

Friday morning, the view from my table.

My table.

Tom Neely photographing me photographing Tom Neely photographing me.

Nick and Dustin Harbin, organiser of Heroes Con's "Indy Island" and a rather good cartoonist.

The Ignatz Awards. I was trying to capture the Gorilla Incident but all I got was a sea of hair.

This one wasn't taken by me - it was e-mailed to me after the show. Chris Reilly with his stolen trolley of booze.


  1. So is that a stolen trolley full of booze, a trolley full of stolen booze or a stolen trolley full of stolen booze?

  2. Stolen trolley full of legitimately purchased booze, I believe. "A gift from a friend," according to Chris, so who knows?

  3. Hey, Roger! Dustin here--I was staring at that hot dude next to Nick, when I realized it was me! I want to make good on my invitation, so if you're interested in at all, drop me an e-mail! I don't have yours.


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