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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monster Johnson Pig in Space

On Saturday I got together with Scott Gray to throw some ideas around for more Fin Fang Four stories. We didn't have any shortage of them, as it turns out, although whether Marvel will be interested in them is another question; if they'd prefer me to draw them, they might have to wait a while. But we definitely came away from our brainstorming session with the feeling that we still had a ton of stories to tell.

Currently working on a comic project for Time Out's Four Feet From a Rat comic supplement (second issue sampler available here), a one-off bit of satirical fluff featuring London's Wodehousean cartoon Mayor, Boris Johnson, as a 30s-style pulp adventure hero, beating the crap out of communists and other undesirables. (I say Wodehousean -- there is a sense in which you think Boris has stolen Hugh Grant's stammering act -- but at the same time you can't help thinking he'd have no hesitation in having every one of us lined up and shot.) Not my own script, but funny stuff nonetheless, and full colour as well. And it's Time Out. Worth having that name on the old resume.

Just finished writing a Pigs In Space two-pager for the new Muppet comic this morning. I'm really happy with it, especially for a first draft. It's the first day since I started writing the Muppets again where I felt everything click. Hopefully there'll be more of those days to come.


  1. Boris is looking good, or rather your interpretation of him does. I share your thoughts on the man himself. I've just turned the radio off due to his interminable babbling and started listening to a different comedian, one that doesn't make me want to blub.

    I subscribe to Time Out and That Four Feet From A Rat supplement will benefit greatly from an injection of fun and some lovely cartooning, it'll be a pleasure to see your work in there.

  2. There's a Muppet comic? Who publishes it? Is it only a UK publication?

  3. No, no... it's not out yet. Boom Studios are putting out a Muppet series next year, the first issue of which I'm currently in the middle of writing. I worked on the characters previously in Disney Adventures.

  4. Wodehousian? Shitehousian might be more appropriate. Or Wodeheadian? Still, you've got something there; a kind of bumbling halfwit hero. Alan Quarterbrain perhaps?

    Love the blog and the Fred site. And I was the man who wrote that scandalous Sherlock Holmes strip in last year's Tripwire Annual. I'm amazed that some of the shame didn't infect Fred's Arctic adventure.


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