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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


My colleague, friend and fellow Kiwi expatriate Scott Gray was involved in a car accident yesterday and was quite badly hurt, so I'm not feeling too clever this morning. I believe he's going home today after a night in hospital, with some broken bones and "a black eye the size of a rugby ball". I'm relieved it wasn't worse -- as, I'm sure, is he. Merry Christmas, eh? Anyway, this one's for him.


  1. really sorry to hear about Scott. Send him my best wishes won't you. I have sent him a message but he probably won't pick up his mail for a while.

    Oh, fantastic pic by the way!

  2. Do u ever really feel clever Roger? Or are you worried people will figure you out? I mean your stuff is so awful - I'm trying to figure out how you get away with it all?

  3. Wow. It takes real guts to post this sort of invective on a blog post where the blogger in question is talking about one of his friends who is *seriously ill*. Anonymously, yet! I’m going to assume from your poor spelling/syntax/people skills that you’re a very young child. Or, you know. A fucking cretin.

    Anyway, brr. Poor Scott. I hope he’s back and fighting fit soon.


  4. Spot on, Dan. I can't believe somebody would make a comment like that considering the nature of the post.

  5. There is a whole wide web out there, so why spend time visiting and commenting on blogs you don't like?
    If you're so clever Mr Anon, then arrange the following words into a sentence:

  6. I do find this very disappointing - to find that Anonymous, an artist whose prolific work in so many fields has brought so much joy to so many, should prove to be, on a personal level, an eejit of the first order. It's true what they say, you should never meet your heroes.

  7. I would wager Anonymous is a muppet fan. Those freaks are evil.

  8. Hey, we Muppet fans are passionate freaks, but not evil ones. What this Anonymous fellow wrote was extremely distasteful and unMuppety.

    I hope your friend is swiftly on the mend, Mr. Langridge. I don't quite understand the picture adjacent to the post, yet I do find it delightfully disturbing.

  9. If I find out our anonymous friend was a Muppet fan I'll be very disappointed. I'd assumed I'd finally been noticed by Tom Paulin.


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