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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What just happened?

What a strange, strange week it's been. First thing to say is thank you -- thank you to everybody who said kind things about Muppet Show #1 online or in person, thank you to everyone who bought it or read it or just gave it a chance. (I'm especially gratified by the thumbs-up from who, as the name implies, I was expecting to be a tough crowd.) And thank you to Mark Waid for getting to the heart of the matter in his inimitable style.

The page above is one of the ones I did for the late, lamented Disney Adventures magazine, which was never published. It seems to me I ought either to have some Muppet content on my website or a link to a place where you can find some, so this will have to do for now until I figure out what I'm doing.

I had the privilege of recording an interview for the wonderful podcast for freelance illustrators and cartoonists, Big Illustration Party Time, on Sunday night. It's a great show for those in the ink-wrangling field, and very entertaining for those who aren't -- highly recommended. (And check out the work of hosts Kevin Cross and Joshua Kemble while you're there!)

But the highlight of my week was the great UK Web and Mini-Comix Thing, my favourite UK show by some distance. No dealers, no costumes, just cartoonists promoting their own comics, like it should be. Mmm... comics. Smoke one today.


  1. I'm absolutely cock-a-hoop for you, Roger! Haven't got the comic yet (sold out at FP Glasgow) alas, but I will be on the reprint like a hooker on... rice.

    And if you're not too bogged down by groupies and hangers-on at Bristol, I'd love to buy you a drink!


  2. Hi Mr. Langridge. Just thought I'd share the promised Muppet Central review with you as well. 4.5/5 Kermit heads!

    It is evident that you care about the fans (even freaky ones like me) by what you gave us in the first issue alone. Thanks and keep it up! And if you ever write yourself into a Muppety area you can't get out of just blow something up, throw chickens at it, toss around some penguins or all three! It seems you already have the hang of it.

  3. Ooops, well the link is available on the main page under "The Muppet Show Comic: Kermit's Story Review."

  4. Hey Roger! I don't have any words to express my admiration for the job you did with The Muppet Show comic. (Certainly nothing that could top Mark's line.) You took a project that could've been another work-for-hire licensed comic and you made it The Real Thing. I heard every voice in my head clearly and laughed and rolled my eyes in all the right places. I honestly can't imagine anyone ever doing a better job than this.

  5. Roger, I got a copy of the first issue of the Muppet Show comic book last night and I had to find out who you were and congratulate you for an outstanding job.
    The artwork is great and the writing is true to he show. I can't wait to subscribe. This issue brought a lot of good memories. Thank you for bringing them back.


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