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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Conventions are upon us! This weekend I'll be a guest at the Bristol Comic Expo and its sister event, the Small Press Expo, at which I'll be doing a workshop for the under-12s (which I've yet to prepare -- eek!) and signing and sketching. This will be the first show I've been to for many a long year where I'm not an exhibitor, so I won't have a table for a change -- so check the schedule if you want to track me down (at this writing no official timetable is on the website, but there should be something at the actual event).

And, continuing our convention theme, this week's illustration is one I did for Heroes Con's convention booklet. The original art for this will be auctioned there to help defray the expense of hauling my arse out there in the first place.

Got a look this week at the beautiful artwork Jeff Parker is doing for my incredibly stupid Uncanny X-Men: First Class two-pager. It's the gorgeousest!

Last but not least, there's a short interview with me at on all things related to The Muppet Show Comic #2, which critics are already calling "not as good as #1".


  1. Chris Roberson disagrees with "the critics" :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. (I was signed in as my parter so I deleted and reposted. Sorry about that.)

    Issue one received such high praise that it's nearly impossible to match, but you're still receiving much praise for Fozzie's comic. I have a feeling Gonzo's will be well received too. He's such a dynamic character and you really have a grasp on his personality. The pitch from Boom's site is amusing.

    I also need to commend you on the avant garde and musical numbers. They fit in perfectly with the Muppet Show while expanding the idea in comic form in a way that would be impossible for puppets.

    A tip of Fozzie's crushed bowler cap to you!

  4. I should probably point out that my "not as good as #1" comment was made, if not quite with my tongue in my cheek, certainly with my tongue well east of where it normally is. But thanks for the comments.

  5. Muppets! Doctor Who! Together at last! I'm at a loss for words. My words have lost themselves from me. Excellent! I'm planning on attending Heroes too, so I'll get a chance to meetcha. Keep up all the awesomeness! (as if you couldn't)

  6. Well considering that Gonzo is my favorite Mupppet I hope issue 3 will be the best of them all. Can't wait. Any specs on extras once Boom compiles the issues into one book?

  7. I haven't heard anything from Boom on that front, and I haven't been approached to supply pencils or sketches or anything, but if I were putting the book together I'd include my original Muppet story from Disney Adventures. I think that's where the smart money would go.

  8. Do you have any magical source for these comics? Bloody Kings in Sydney got bugger all copies, and still haven't received #2 let alone a reprint of #1. I am not pleased.

  9. Disney's licensing arrangements are very region-specific - I guess they make more money that way - so no, I don't have any idea where to get them, I'm afraid. You can't buy them in the UK either. It's daft that you can't buy the comics in the country in which they were drawn, but there it is.

    I was talking to a comics retailer over the weekend who seems to think that the collections will be easier to get outside the US, as they go through the book trade, not through Diamond exclusively, and consequently there are more sources to obtain them from - things are a bit more open. Hope so. Diamond are not a monopoly my arse.

  10. Annoying! Well, at least I have the collections to look forward to then! And I'll be in the US in November, maybe I'll strike it lucky...

  11. I foolishly oredered the Muppets #1-4. When they didn't arrive, I checked and saw they aren'r being sold in Europe. So how do we get them? The trade paperback is advertised in the current Previews, but again only available in the US.

  12. I'm no expert and I don't have any inside knowledge, but since the book is being distributed to bookstores (and not just specialty stores) in the US, the theory is that there'll be multiple sources to get the books from, not just Diamond, so you should be able to go through one of them when the time comes.

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