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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last Bear from Krypton

I'm back from the San Diego Comic Convention - still decompressing from that, and I haven't had a chance to sort my photos, but here's a little something: a sketch I did, the first of the show, which the owner kindly sent me a scan of. There'll be something a little more substantial in the way of a report to come shortly. Until then, a big thank you to everybody who made me feel so welcome - not least the staff at Boom! Studios, meeting of whom was one of the highlights of the whole experience.


  1. Here's the sketch you did for me. Very nice work, though I'm hoping you're not getting too tired of the Doctor Who requests.

  2. Just picked up Peg Leg 1. A+ from this fan!

  3. Jason: Not at all, and thank you. I had far fewer Who requests at SDCC, but they're always fun.

    Frogboy4: And thank you!

  4. Thanks for my Beeker / Animal sketch. You're fantastic!!! Will try to get you a scan asap. :)


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