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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Asgard Connection

By now I expect everybody's heard that Disney has acquired Marvel Comics. I don't really know that there's anything to be said about it, except that for now it seems to be business as usual as far as my work goes (working both sides of that particular fence as I do). For those who want to get a bit more info, I recommend checking out The Comics Reporter, reading Tom Spurgeon's analysis and following the links.

Having addressed that elephant in the room, I heard this past week that we've got a definite artist for the Pigs in Space one-shot (or Muppet Show Comic Book #0, as it's now officially designated) - it's Shelli Paroline, whose Muppet work can already be seen on the Muppet Robin Hood covers. Should be all kinds of fun. And a big thank you to Shelli for taking some of the pressure off my work schedule, so I can continue to bring my best work to this comic.

And now, for absolutely no reason, here's a creaky one from the vaults - the first page of a series I did for Dark Horse Presents back in the day, Doctor Spin, with scripts by Gordon Rennie. It ran for four issues, starting in DHP #115. Still quite fond of it - I really knocked myself out on the artwork, to deafening indifference. Anyway.


  1. Well... Shelli's artwork (which I saw in the back of the latest of your issues) is a lot more "Disney" than yours. Your smashing dialogue etc will still shine through though :)

    But hopefully you'll still be doing the artwork for the main event?

  2. I'm using Shelli's fill-in to get ahead on the art for the next story, yeah. There may be more fill-ins down the line, but I'll still be drawing the bulk of 'em.

  3. Doctor Spin is still one of my favourite comics character, and your art was really great on those DHP!

    I'm still waiting for some Doctor
    Spin revival, and in case could I candidate myself as Spinboy, the new sidekick??

    Greetings from Italy,

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