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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Look, Ma! I'm Writin'!

I've had a pretty decent week, productivity-wise, having nailed down the plot for the final issue of the Muppet Show: On the Road story arc, finished writing the first issue, completely scripted the second issue, started writing the third, and written the first three weeks of the re-started Mugwhump the Great strip. And I've drawn stuff-all!

I've discovered something -- I get cross and irritable when I write all day. I don't know if it's the act of writing so much as the fact of not drawing that's doing it. I know I can't take holidays without climbing the walls after a day or two unless I have something to draw, so I suspect it's related. That said, writing is such an immersive experience that it almost hurts to be interrupted, and I suspect that has something to do with it as well. I normally just write in the early mornings, when being interrupted isn't an issue, but the Muppet scripts were way behind and I needed to catch up.

Anyway. Almost caught up. Then it'll just be back to early mornings for a bit, drawing the rest of the day, and my family will like me again. As much as they usually do, anyway.

It lives! Dean Haspiel with the ACT-I-VATE PRIMER. With Mugwhump starting up again soon, it's impeccable timing.


  1. Can't wait for ACT-I-VATE PRIMER! Will find it in the US in a month if not here.

    Just to confirm (y'know... it's important...), the main Muppet Show storylines will have artwork by your fine selve, right? Other artists are just for fill-ins or suchlike?

  2. Oh, yeah, I'm still the regular ink-wrangler. I just need a bit of a lie down every once in a while.

  3. Oh for sure, I can imagine! As you mentioned, nobody else tries to write, pencil AND ink a monthly comic. We are grateful for your insanity.

  4. Mugwump starting again? Awesome!

  5. Oh yes. And while I've got your attention, the Monkey Mod theme song sounds just enough like the Jam to be damn near perfect.

  6. So glad to hear about Mugwhump coming back! And having seen the AIV Primer, I can say that the Mugwhump story is a highlight in a book chock full of them.

    -Jim D.

  7. That comment about the JAM just made my day!


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