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Thursday, May 27, 2010

How Conventional!

Been a bit slack on the blog lately, I'm afraid, though I have an excellent excuse: I'm gearing up for a two-week trip to the USA to attend not one, but two conventions. Yes! Such madness sounds impossible, but I assure you it's true!

First there's Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC on June 4th-6th; then I climb aboard a bus and schlep my way to Dearborn, MI for Kids Read Comics on the 12th & 13th.

Looking forward to both for different reasons - at Heroes Con, for example, among the many fine people I expect to run into, I'll have the opportunity to meet my collaborator on Thor, the Mighty Avenger, Chris Samnee, for the first time. We seem to be getting along great so far - hopefully meeting me in person won't spoil the magic for him.

And then, at Kids Read Comics - apart from the fact that it's you know, a comic book show actually targetted at an all-ages readership, which is to say my audience - I'll get to meet the hosts of the always thought-provoking Art and Story, the creative podcast which whiles away many an hour at the drawing board and which has been a near-constant companion for me for a couple of years now.

Did I mention I'm going to be hosting a workshop at Kids Read Comics? I'm going to be hosting a workshop at Kids Read Comics. It's called "Making Funny Comics" and you can sign up for it by going here and registering. It's free, and you may get the opportunity to see me make a complete twerp of myself in front of a live audience. Smell my fear!


  1. Two books a month and all this travel? I want whatever your smokin'. That stuff that lets you get you work done in your sleep.

    Be Well.

  2. I wish it was in my sleep... I'm pooped! I'll be working on the road in my lonely hotel room.


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