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Friday, June 11, 2010

I've Got the Pods

Here's a sketch of Barney Google I did for Mike Rhode at Heroes Con. Eye candy for all the octogenarians in the audience! My thanks to Mike for the scan.

May I draw your attention to a couple of recent podcast appearances? A Heroes Con panel I was on, Craft and Process in Comics, is up at the Dollar Bin website - one for the cartoonists there, I imagine. Also for the cartoonists is a guest appearance on Art and Story, the podcast about the craft of making comics - actually sitting in in person this time, as I'm in Michigan for Kids Read Comics. Thanks to Jerzy Drozd for making me welcome and for sharing his bourbon!


  1. Octogenarians? Really? I know Spark Plug when I see him. But what of Snuffy Smith?
    "Flatlanders" are all a like.
    Be Well.

  2. It was a great honor (honour?) to catch you at Kids Read Comics in Michigan, this past weekend! It was especially nice to be able to show my son that YES some folks DO make a living making comics (he was already obsessively worrying about what his day job would have to be.. he's eight!). I wish I'd known then that you did the Doctor Who comics because I'd have asked for sketch of Amy Pond instead of Kermit (BUT the sketch was superbly received and will in short order be framed and hung on our living room wall). Thanks again for coming all the way out to Michigan! It was a treat.


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