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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The All-New, Minty-Fresh Hotel Fred

Couple of things.

First, you may notice that we've done some spring-cleaning here at the Hotel Fred - well overdue. I've long wanted to squish the blog and the comics site together; I was maintaining them separately was because I couldn't work out how to get a blog feed onto the site where I was storing the comic files. It finally occurred to me that I could approach the problem from the other direction and tweak the HTML on the blog to incorporate the comic strip feed function, so at last it's working the way I'd always intended. (Or it will when the strip starts up again.)

If you've got your bookmarks set to the old WebComicsNation page, please reset them to go to from here on in. I'll still be using WebComicsNation to store the files and do the automatic updates and syndicating and all that other technical stuff I can't work out how to do on my own, but I won't be updating the homepage from this point onwards.

I said a couple of things, didn't I? Yes I did. So: second thing - I believe the most recent Muppet Show Comic Book collection, Muppet Mash, is now available. Why not buy one for the glove-puppet obsessive in your life?

That is all.

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