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Thursday, July 14, 2011

CBLDF Auction at San Diego Comic Con

So, I won't be at San Diego Comic Con this year - I'll be in France instead with my family, staying with my mother-in-law, drawing Snarked! in her garage, eating camembert and drinking good wine, very possibly getting locked in. It's a regular summer thing.

I can't honestly say I'll miss SDCC - it's a bit of a zoo and I'm well out of it. However - I will be there in spirit, as I've contributed a sketch card to the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund's annual art auction! There's a bit more about that here - and you can see my sketch card below. The original is a super-tight pencilled page which I knocked myself out on, so please consider bidding on it, or any of the other lovely pieces kindly donated by other cartoonists, to support the CBLDF's worthy aims.


  1. Oh sure..we got all that..FRED METTETAL and MICK JAGGER CULL!
    WATT we Don't get is where is CARTER?
    He stayin' at the " same FRED HOTEL"?

  2. There's a wee linky to Carter to your right... and, tell you what, I just saw the art for #1 this morning and I am a very happy man.


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