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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bit of a Ramble

Bit of a ramble. Apologies in advance.

Been working flat-out, so little niceties like maintaining a blog (or any kind of internet presence) have fallen by the wayside. I've been writing something for IDW that I don't think I'm supposed to talk about yet, in addition to my ongoing work on Snarked! - but I wrapped up the IDW job last week and I'm planning on focusing exclusively on Snarked for a couple of months in order to get the conclusion to the initial year-long story juuust right. I'm turning down some jobs to make this story the best it can be - I think it will pay off for me in the long run, and also I quite like seeing my family occasionally.

So! What's been going on? Well, the latest issue of Snarked!, #3, is in stores now - as is the Jim Henson's Storyteller anthology, and the graphic novel Nelson, both of which I contributed to. I recommend them all highly - and there's the added benefit with Nelson that all profits go to the charity Shelter. Worth your money this Christmas, I think. I've also contributed a two-pager to Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos' Cow Boy book from Archaia, which I think is doing the rounds in digital form at the moment before being released as a book next year.

I've got a giclee print available from ACME of my first Muppet Show Comic Book cover - it's pricey but gorgeous, available on canvas as well as other, cheaper media. (If you're in the UK, try here or here.)

There are a couple of recent interviews with me floating around - there's this one at Words Away
this one at Robot 6, and one I flagged previously at Heroes Online, but Heroes are always worth a second mention.

 Recent stuff I've seen and want to shout about: Andy Hirsch's great new series Varmints - currently available digitally; I'm sure the book collection will be only a matter of time. Self-Made Hero's Lovecraft anthology, particularly the pieces by Ian Culbard and Mark Stafford. (I've heard tell that Mr. Stafford is working on something big for them next year - excellent news.) Shaenon Garrity's Narbonic: The Perfect Collection arrived in the post the other day and it's a joyous thing to behold. Rob Davis' blindingly great Don Quixote Volume 1 - mature, confident, spontaneous cartooning, and hilarious to boot. Fantagraphics' FloydGottfredson's Mickey Mouse Volume 2 - yow. Really starts to get good in this one.

I could go on but I've got some eye-watering crosshatching to finish. Have yourselves a glorious Christmas and we'll see you anon.

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  1. Hello sir. Just finished issue 4 of Snarked and it is great! And lo and behold, I'm in the letters column! Thank you. It's got the markings of a great series. Looking forward to where the series is going; I will just sit back and enjoy. Also read your the show must go on... and your foreword about being grateful for writing thor and muppet show... and then moving on afterwards was pretty poignant and positive sounding. Your stories are freaky-good; as written by Grant Morrison's sweeter, less scary uncle. This is the part where I ask about snarked art pages but I need to hold off any purchasses until the spring. Love that page of Scarlet through the laundry chute. Has anybody purchased any pages yet? Anyway I have rattled too far. You still have a fan here. Cheers.


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