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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And now: A word from the Walrus...

We here at the Hotel Fred have recently received this communication from one Wilburforce J. Walrus, late of this parish. Take it away, W.J. ...

"Well, I do declare, McDunk - Snarked! # 8 is in the stores already! And, as it's the final part of our second volume, I exhort you to get thee down to that store without delay! 

"All gone? Good.

"What? What's that I spy? A few stragglers? No, no, no! This will never do! Why, if you need convincing, may I direct you to this spiffing preview of the aforementioned publication to whet your appetite to a fine edge!

"What's that you say? No comic store near you? Fie! Poppycock! Why, it has never been easier to acquire Snarked! Simply order it direct from the publisher - or read the blessed thing upon your digital device of choice!

"What's that, McDunk...? You can't read?

"You... can't... read.


"Just look at the pretty pictures then, McDunk... just look at the pretty pictures."

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