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Thursday, May 03, 2012

What's This? Free Comic Books?

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. That's right - I said Free Comic Books! To celebrate this most worthy event, I will be appearing at Gosh! Comics (in London's glittering West End) doing drawings with the kids, possibly painting in their window and other shenanigans. I'm down for their 2pm-2:30pm slot, between Louis Roskosch and Karrie Fransman, but I expect I'll hang about a bit longer, as is the way of these things. Full details here!


In other news, the first Snarked! collection, Forks and Hope, hit stores yesterday. It collects issues #1-4 of the series, plus the preview issue - a great way to get up to speed. Those of you who have been waiting for the collection before checking it out now have no excuse. None at all! I have spies everywhere. Amazon US link here, Amazon UK link here, or direct from Boom! Studios here.

And last but not least, the Kickstarter for The Graphic Textbook is ongoing, and needs your support! Yes, YOU! Not you at the back - oh, what the heck, yours as well. And yours. You too, madam, if you can get your hand out of that jar of pickled eggs for a moment. Go here - or just click through the card floating in the sidebar to your right. Comics in schools - what could be better?

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