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Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Before I get to the main event, I'd like to point you towards a couple of recent interviews: first, there's one with Devin Nuhfer at Check Point here, and then there's a two-parter with Michael Dooley at Imprint, which you can find here and here. (Oh, and a big thank you to MTV Geek for picking Snarked #12 as one of their top ten for September!)

But the biggest thing lately has been my trip to the Treviso Comic Book Festival in Italy, where a bunch of New Zealand cartoonists (including a couple, like me and Rufus Dayglo, who used to live there but don't any more) were invited as guests. Besides me and Rufus, there were Dylan Horrocks, Ben Stenbeck, Colin Wilson, Greg Broadmore and Chris Slane. Some of these guys I hadn't seen in twenty years; others, like Greg, I'd never met at all. So it was great from that point of view alone. The fact that we were treated like kings was the icing on the cake. Huge, huge thanks to Alberto Corradi, who was responsible for the wonderful exhibition of our work and for showing us around and making us welcome, and to Creative New Zealand, who (with Dylan's help) were the ones that got us all together in the first place. Such a wonderful time.

One of the many exhibitions around Treviso

The bearded man on the right is Alberto Corradi

Rufus Dayglo, friend to children

Rufus decorated this toy with the child's help

Terrible blurry picture of Colin Wilson and Dylan Horrocks

Some impressive local architecture

The New Zealand exhibition

Work by NZ genius Barry Linton

Some pieces by Greg Broadmore

Work by Rufus

One of mine!

Work by Toby Morris

The comic fair itself

I don't know what these were, but I liked them



Original-style bridge with no railings

More Venice

Still more Venice

These shops were everywhere in Venice


More Venice

Rufus and Alberto in Venice

This was supposed to keep ghosts from passing through the walls, apparently

The NZ contingent on Friday night

These window decorations were all over Treviso

My favourite!


  1. It is very nice of you to share impressions. Rufus has a great talent.

  2. Yes he does. He's also a lovely fellow.

  3. I just realized that "your favourite" is one of "my" windows
    I'm honored!! :)


  4. Maybe next year you can come to Portugal... (if we're lucky)

  5. The chair in the middle of water is very creative. I am glad you liked the vacation!


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