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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Who Dat?

The dark secret of cartoonists is that we don't take holidays. Partly because, as freelancers, if we don't work, we make no money; and partly because switching off that part of our brains for more than a few days at a time feels like death. So I've had a couple of jobs I've been working on whenever I get a minute while I'm in New Zealand, and this is one of them: an illustration for a book on Doctor Who, the exact details of which I'm a bit hazy on, except that it was needed in a hurry and I was (sort of) available and it just happened, okay?

Not having access to a scanner while I'm larking about the country, I did this piece entirely digitally. The roughs were done in Photoshop, the various elements were inked separately (the Tardis in Photoshop, where I sort of knew what I was doing, and the figures in Manga Studio, where I really didn't but I liked the approximation of an inked brush line better than anything I could ever get out of PS), then I coloured all the bits in Photoshop and assembled them in a configuration to match the rough. I still don't really think I've got Matt Smith down. He's too damn young, that's part of the problem. Give him a few years and he'll have loads of interesting lines to play with, but right now there's nothing to latch on to.


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