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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Fez Incoming

Right now my days are being filled with three things:

(1) Writing some pages for a graphic novel, which I'm going to be trying to raise funds to produce shortly. I want to get a page-by-page breakdown and some finished sample pages done before asking for contributions, so I'm laying the groundwork for that. More about that shortly, I hope.

(2) Things for money! This involves the odd lettering job, a few commissions, and (soon) a comic book illustration job for IDW (just waiting on the script).

(3) A Fez mini-comic. My first Fez story, in Aces Weekly, seemed to be well-received, so I'm doing more of that, both for Aces and for myself. It's starting to coalesce into something I'm rather pleased with. So I'm plugging away at a mini-comic that I intend to have ready for the 2D Festival in Derry at the end of this month. Here are pencils for the cover.

While I've got you, may I draw your attention to an appearance I'll be making at Foyle's Bookstore in London as part of Tripwire Magazine's 21st anniversary celebrations on the evening of May 16th. There'll be some other, much more famous guests as well, including Mike Carey, Peter Milligan, Christopher Fowler and Michael Moorcock, no less (!). It's a ticketed event – and you can get those tickets by following this link.


  1. I think Will Eisner would be amused and flattered. I can't speak for the makers of Pez candy, but Eisner would've had your back.


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