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Sunday, May 26, 2013

This Time Next Week...

... I'll be on my way back from Derry's 2-D Festival, where I'm a guest this year. I'll have a couple of items for sale there that I've prepared especially for the festival: one, the Fez minicomic, which I've mentioned here previously, and two, this here fancy print, as seen below.

I freely admit I'm going straight for the most commercial idea I can think of, because this year has been, shall we say, challenging, and I frankly want to shift as many of these babies as I can. What's five pounds in Euros?


  1. 5 pounds (UK) is currently 5.84 Euros. I generally use, mostly because it's easy to type.

    1. Actually, that was kind of a rhetorical question... but thank you anyway, because that is a genuinely useful thing to know!

  2. Now I'm singing the Dr. Who theme with the words, "PopeyeTheSailor, PopeyeTheSailor, PopeyeTheSailor, PopeyeTheSailor, I aaaaaaaaaaam ... what I aaaaaaaam ..."


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