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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fezzery Continues

So! In the time between the London Film and Comic Con and now, while you've been enduring my sketch frenzy, I've finished that animation job, knocked out a commission I'd promised, and am footling away at a new Fez storey or three while I wait for the go-ahead on my next comic book gig. The first of these will appear in the mighty Aces Weekly; the rest will go into a second Fez mini-comic, which I hope to have ready for the Baltimore Comic Con and SPX in September. Here's a teaser panel from the mini.

Quite to my surprise, The Fez is turning out to be a cross between several of my older projects – chiefly Doctor Spin and Fred the Clown, with bits of Art d'Ecco in there as well.  It's funny how you only find out what a thing is once you've lived with it for a while.

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