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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Public Domain Characters Day 1

So I'm on my way to the Baltimore Comic Convention early tomorrow morning (come and say hello!), after which I'll be attending SPX, and will largely be away from computer screens for a couple of weeks as a result. Unfortunately, in a moment of foolishness this January, I resolved to post something every day this year. What to do, what to do?

Well, this. I have been thinking about public domain characters recently for one reason and another, and I stumbled across this jolly little website in my researches. Rather wonderfully, they've got a button you can press that will throw up a randomly-selected public domain character every time you whack it. So I hit it a dozen times, made a note of who came up, and belted out twelve little drawings earlier today which I'll be posting one at a time until I return from the Americas. These were totally random, so the uncanny suitability of a couple of them really took me by surprise.

Anyway, here's #1 - Xog, King of Saturn. I could draw this guy all day...


  1. How did this guy ever get to be in the public domain? No corporation wanted to defend their rights to make millions from this character?
    Xog lunchboxes....
    Xog bedsheets....
    Xog Band-Aids....

    The merchandising possibilities are endless!

  2. Hey, you forgot the ring of gas described in the article! This guy is just one of the king's subjects!


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