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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rocky and Bullwinkle!

I'm a keen follower of Mark Evanier's website (as all right-thinking people should be), so it was a great pleasure to see yesterday that he's announced the upcoming Rocky and Bullwinkle four-issue series that's coming out in March 2014 from IDW, which Mr. Evanier will be writing and I will be drawing.

I guess that means it's okay for me to talk about it as well; I've been sitting on this one since March this year, so when I say I'm relieved to finally be able to spill the beans, I'm not kidding. It'll be a whole year between my being approached to work on it and the first issue hitting the stands!

So far Mark's scripts have been everything you'd want them to be: very smart and very silly at the same time, nailing the tone perfectly. I only hope my drawings are living up to the material. Mark's post about it can be read here.

Aaand here's the cover to the first one. Out in March, if I haven't mentioned that already.


  1. IDW sometimes has "sub cover" or variants. Any chance that will happen with this title?

    1. Oh yes! I should mention that the variant covers will be by Stephanie Buscema.


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