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Thursday, January 09, 2014


The Li'l Dynamites comics are coming out thick and fast at the moment. My own effort, Li'l Ernie, hit the stands last week, and this week we got Li'l Vampi, the kid-friendly spin on Vampirella by (deep breath!) Brandon Jerwa, Art Baltazar, Agnes Garbowska, Eric Trautmann, Molly Mahan, Joshua Cozine, Orion Jerwa, Ken Haeser, Chris Caniano, Katie Hidalgo, Jason Ullmeyer, Josh Johnson, Josh Green, Hannah Gorfinkel, Joseph Rybandt, Keith Davidsen, Rich Young, Juan Collado, Nick Barrucci and Andrew Elder – and also with a couple of activity pages by Yours Truly.

In fact, I did activity pages for all the Li'l Dynamites books. You can see the one I did for Li'l Sonja below... and you can find the whole lot over at Bleeding Cool if you're so inclined.

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