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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

My thoughts on that Mike Dawson essay

So... the excellent cartoonist Mike Dawson recently posted an essay on his blog about finding an audience (or failing to) which has been doing the rounds, and which I thought was brave and honest and pretty spot-on. My situation isn't quite the same as Mike's, but I definitely see parallels; Mike doesn't rely on comics for his entire income the way I do, but I've felt similar frustration about not having an audience. And I have done enough corporate/licenced stuff that you would think some of that audience would follow me over to my own projects, but that doesn't seem to be how it works. I've actually had people tell me they're huge fans of mine, ask me what I'm doing now, look at Snarked! (or whatever it was at the time), say, "Well, let me know when you're doing more Thor!" and saunter off. I find this attitude baffling to the point of incomprehension (which might be my problem right there, I don't know).

So - give the essay a read if you're a practicing cartoonist. Or even if you're just curious about the realities of the cartooning business these days. And... buy Mike's books!

1 comment:

  1. I've greatly enjoyed your licensed work and your personal projects alike. If, however, your pen never graces he of the funny named hammer again I shan't say a word (although I'll follow to licensed work if it comes so long as the subject matter is of interest to me to begin with). If however, I never see Fred or Mugwhump, then I'm sure to piss and moan to the high heavens (but politely and non-confrontationally, as is my way). I'll have to peruse Mr. Dawson's work and see what grabs me. Thanks for passing this along!
    - your pal, Cereal Guy Dan


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