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Monday, November 09, 2015

Iron Duchess update, plus sundry other matters

Hello! Firstly, because I spoil you (and because I got two pages coloured this weekend), here's this week's Iron Duchess update at ZCO.MX...

Secondly, we're only a few days away from Thought Bubble (squeals like twelve year old girl)! I'll be at Table 26 in the New Dock Hall doing the usual sort of thing I do on these occasions: sketching, signing, selling books and artwork, trying to eat me sandwiches. Do come along if you're going to be in Leeds this weekend.

Thirdly, something rather splendid arrived in the mail this morning. It's a book to which I made a small contribution called Dinomania, by Ulrich Merkl, about Winsor McCay's fascination with monsters in his work and how they influenced everything from King Kong to Godzilla. My part in this book (a bit of a monster in itself; it's huge!) was to try and reconstruct a recently discovered, incomplete, previously unpublished McCay dinosaur comic strip called Dino. (No pressure, then!) Having seen the printed art for the first time today, I'm actually really, really pleased with how it came out. This one's from our friends at Fantagraphics.

One half of this page is by me, one half by Winsor McCay. Guess which is which!


  1. Oh, the upper half is yours. The vegetation and body language give it away. Am I wrong?

  2. This is wonderful. I'm no kind of expert but to even be working in this kind of space, and having people not able to tell. That's penmanship folks! As a fan who can only "spot" your cross hatching (So old-school) I'd say panel 9 was all McCay, but any panel where you can draw a dinosaur and a train is a panel with a lot of work in it.


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