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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Nottingham Comic Con Sketches V

Last of the Nottingham run (I was only there for one day). Tomorrow: Thought Bubble!


  1. Trap Door! I always wondered how they got away with calling the character Berk, considering what that means in rhyming slang... Ooo-'eck!

    1. I still don't know what it means in rhyming slang, but by the sound of it that's probably just as well. As for Trap Door itself, I'm unfamiliar with it; I just copied some characters from reference a guy brought me. A quick look at Wikipedia shows that I would have still been living in New Zealand when it was shown, so it may not have travelled that far. Glad you recognised it!

    2. It did make it to New Zealand, playing during What Now on Saturday mornings IIRC. Great show!

    3. It did make it NZ, as I recall watching it as part of either What Now or After School. Great show, in any case, and a great sketch!


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