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Friday, January 15, 2016

Mrs. Terrible


  1. Dood, dude, doody! I find it unsettling that you think you are not a good writer. I mean insulting, to think you couldn't do radio or a (shudder) sitcom. (I know that the gag monkeys are well paid but they have to sit in a room of gag monkeys and get bombarded with shit every day). I imagine if you put together a couple of treatments you could take a run at a Doctor Who story (it's about time for a caveman story) there must be someone at the magazine - and the Whoniverse is a big fun place for a tricky writer. I am sorry that your work is not sustaining your ambitions, for you are surely one of the most gifted illustrated story makers of our generation. Every licensed property you have touched has been lovingly enriched by the sureness and clarity of your line and panel work, and by the daft yet humanist wit of the writing. The fact that you can't write a Goon Show script is neither here nor there, it took four of them and an orchestra leader, and of the lot only Spike tried to draw and his line is typically fierce and uncompromisingly untutored, a far cry from your sophisticated high contrast old school excellence. The Muppet books, the Fred collections, Snarked: you have compiled a consistent string of artistic successes that would be the envy of anyone who wasn't Neil Gaiman (also probably Neil Gaiman, who tends to the slapdash), and it's only a matter of time before everyone wants to read comics and gets told to start with The Iron Duchess. Oh and by the way you decided just as an experiment to do a four panel daily which has been described as the most difficult thing in the universe by everyone from Lee Falk to Bill Griffith. TL;DR Pooh Jokes = I love you.

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comments, I appreciate you taking the time! On your first point, I think I'm an okay writer, but I could be a better one. Hell, Alan Moore could be a better writer. Every writer should have room for improvement or otherwise what's the point in doing it? If you've plateaued, that's the end. Time to retire.

      And the sitcom thing is not about money, or about trying to get out of comics, or any of that - it's just that I love the form and would like to master it, just for the pleasure of it. (Actually, I think of Carl Barks as the perfect sitcom writer; his 10-pagers for Walt Disney's Comics and Stories are textbook sitcom scripts, operating at the highest level of the form.)

      Same goes with the dailies, really - I love the form, I want to get good at it.

      Anyway, I really appreciate the kind words. Quite pleased with my Who story, by the way! It should be out next month.


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