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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fargle Bargle

After a couple of days of sticking with what I know (and just trying to get better at it), I thought it was time to try out laying down flat colours ("flats") in Clip Studio (must get used to calling it that) and exporting the file to Photoshop for finishing off; I keep hearing about how Manga Studio/Clip Studio is brilliant for this because it has a feature that ignores line breaks and just fills in the bit you want filled in. My natural style is chock-full of shapes not completely closed, so this sounded like an ideal feature for me.

I (perhaps unwisely) tried drawing this one with a vector-layer pencil tool, to try and get a more organic look, which I think might have complicated the experiment a little. The fills seemed to have very arbitrary cut-off points, either stopping way before the break in the shape or going beyond it and stopping a little way outside it. Really peculiar. I might have a go with something drawn in a more traditional clean-line style to really get a sense of how it works.

Anyway, as first attempts go, not a total disaster, though I'm not convinced it was actually faster than my usual Photoshop method with all the fiddly corrections I had to make along the way.

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