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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Her Majesty's Agents 002-005 Inclusive

All very silly.

 Took the step today to consolidate the (five, at this point) Manga Studio pencils and brushes I use the most into their own subtool group so I'm not having to look for them all the time. Between that and the nearly-a-day I took recently to figure out the perspective tools (and which I still managed to screw up!) I'm very nearly (not quite) feeling at home with the software, to the point where I'm actually thinking about buying a Cintiq tablet and wondering how much stuff I'll have to sell to raise the cash.

On which subject, if anybody has some rock-solid advice on Cintiq tablets (or similar) for the professional cartoonist, I'm all ears. The point of me learning digital at all is so I can work simply when travelling, so portability is a must. Apart from that, I'm not set on any particular way of going about it. I've read Jonathan Case's advice, which was just the sort of thing I'm looking for; anything of that nature anyone can point me towards is welcome.


  1. Hi Fred, I have been following along with your recent journey into Manga Studio (and of course longtime reader of your work). I recommend working your way through

    He has excellent coverage of all the digital options available to artists of every budget.

    Personally I don't recommend the Surface Pro because of the jittering with slow diagonal lines. Cintiq is my preferred tablet but the cost is also the highest.

    Good luck, and please keep us updated.


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