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Monday, April 25, 2016

Iron Duchess updated

Another two pages uploaded to ZCO.MX today. Getting close to the end now, most exciting.


  1. You better have planned a happy ending for horse. On rereading horse has been stealing the show, from the tippy toe panel, to using the fan to empty the bathtub of soapy lemonade bubbles, to going glom on the stone head's glasses. (Also, playing the guitar). In comparison Fred's best bit has been turning to pig and horse for a pie recipe, which is mainly made by horse's pure deadpan. Technically, this is an utter masterpiece: in lieu of words your sound fx are nearly Sim-ian, the clarity of emotion and expression is compelling, the plot is nutty but grounded, and (my favourite) the pacing, as expressed by the size and layout of the frames within the pages, is utterly exquisite. Buster himself would chuckle. So, happy ending for horse or the pig dies....

    1. I will just say that we haven't seen the last of the horse. Don't know what you'll think of it, but I'm crossing my fingers it won't disappoint...


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