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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Abigail and the Snowman

So – the collected edition of Abigail and the Snowman is finally, officially coming out tomorrow! (Also available to order online from,, or directly from Boom! Studios.) I first started looking for a publisher for this project about five years ago but got nowhere with it at the time. Later, Boom! Studios asked me to pitch them a few ideas, so I included this one among them, not expecting them to go for it... but they did! So big thanks to them for enabling the book to finally happen.

I'd always seen it as a single, stand-alone story in one volume (its serialisation last year was a compromise, to fit in with Boom!'s standard publishing model), so it's a big deal for me to see it finally appear as I originally intended.

And, of course, I will have copies for sale this weekend at the Nottingham Comic Con.

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