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Wednesday, August 02, 2017


So, Zoot's coming along. The contents are drawn (toning the last pages now) and the cover is done. Here's a first pass at the cover design – I'm undecided whether or not to continue the original numbering, as there's an element of confusion around it, inasmuch as Andrew and I worked on a seventh, unpublished issue which was incorporated into the Zoot Suite collection (which, itself, is essentially the real #7, I guess). I'll have to make that call in the next day or two. Feedback welcome.

Anyway, work in progress.


  1. Volume 2 No 1. First issues sell better, because Kollektorskum.

    1. Thanks for the input - I've come to more or less the same conclusion, mainly because without Andrew it's not quite the same book. Not sure the collector mentality will feature largely with a convention/internet-only distribution model, but it's a consideration too, albeit a remote one.

  2. Just stumbled across your art. Your work looks great!


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