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Friday, January 26, 2018

Work In Progress

Here are a couple of recently-pencilled pages from Criminy, in the interests of sticking my head above the parapet and waving. Not much time for anything else for a bit...


  1. When will this be released? (Monthly? OGN?) These pages are straight-up gorgeous.

    1. Thanks! It's a standalone OGN, and should be out September 2018-ish.

  2. SO looking forward to this. In the meantime I have just arranged to donate these to the Alexander Turnbull Library. You are about to become part of NZ's historical archives:
    Art D'Ekko mini comic and 4 Fantagraphics
    Knuckles is Selling Out
    Kniuckles is Coming
    Razor 11 featuring Knuckles (Love this one a lot!)
    Fin Fang 4
    Knuckles (Fantagraphics) 1 & 2
    Zoot! (except #5, which I never got).
    I couldn't bring myself to part with any of the collections so Snarked and the others are staying with me, perhaps I will donate them to the nation in my will.
    Best wishes ect....

    1. Wow. I suppose the first thing I should say is thanks for the (clearly long-time!) support. Let me know if you want me to hook you up with digital versions of anything you parted with, least I can do...

    2. I think I'll manage. What surprised me was that they already had the 2 Bloody Hell mini comics, which I assumed were the rarest items in your catalogue. ANd they had Leather Underwear, the first Fantagraphics comic. I have been a fan for ages though, I worked at Salient 1987-1990 and I used to rush in on Monday mornings to get the new Craccum, to see if there was any Knuckles. The glorious anarchy of those audacious pages was exhilirating. I have been lucky to have had comics to read for my whole life (Whizzer and Chips! Donald Duck adventures! Asterix!) Knuckles is in my pantheon, and now Fred is too. If I was in charge you'd have an OBE, a movie franchise, and a cartoon band with Jarvis Cocker doing the vocals.

  3. Hey Roger,
    Beautiful pencils!! Can't wait to get the finished book!!


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