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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


This is a job I did for Nickelodeon Magazine last year -- the gag is that it's an organisation for dimwits called Densa, and you're supposed to find all the things in the picture that have the sound "duh" as a part of their names. Watch a man in his late thirties panic when he realises he has absolutely no idea who Hilary Duff is.


  1. Hi Roger,I love the panda and the duck. I'm a bit upset to hear that somebody else had my idea of DENSA. In our last place there was this guy that lived in the flat above who didn't seem particularly bright and yet he got a newsletter from MENSA. Thus DENSA was born I thought. Damn. Guess it was a pretty obvious joke.

    Nice to see you blogging, I had a very brief attempt last year and recently decided to give it another go,I'm at

    There's a bunch of old bits still on there but I'm hoping it'll spur me on to do more new stuff.

  2. At first I thought highlighting Florida was some kind of political comment after the 2000 election. Then I realized there actually *is* a "duh" in Florida.

    BTW, it's a blessing to not recognize quasi-celebrities like Hilary Duff. Would it were that I were so lucky. I'm off to scrub my brain of pop culture now...

  3. Faz: Hello! Like the blog! We must go out for that Christmas drink before next Christmas.

    Majane: Your work is really lovely - I'm glad you stopped by!

    Jim: I'm sure I'm going to know far more pop culture trivia than my brain will ever need once my daughter is a year or two older...


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