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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Around the World in a Daze

This was originally a seven-pager with much crappier artwork. It was done in 1988 as an excuse to do a whole lot of dreadful puns. They didn't really merit more than a page. So I've redrawn it here as a one-pager for the d'Ecco collection, and am well pleased with it.


  1. Laughs by the bucket!

  2. You have to be my favourite artsit dude, especially love your work for Doctor Who Magazine....they are hilarious, i love the pyramid of mars one, and the davros one the best.....HAHA, i couldn't stop laughing... I'm so sorry to hear you wont be doing anymore....shame. I dont really like the new artist's cartoons, but it may grow on me....

    You are Really talented, keep up the good work.. (you couldn't do a sketch of the Tenth Doctor could you? i'm dying to see what you would make him looklike...)

  3. Thanks! I gave up the review illo because my wife had a baby, I sudenly
    had a lot less free time and the review gig paid really badly - it was
    hard to justify the hours spent for the money made. Especially when
    Inside Soap were offering me three times the money to do essentially
    the same job (but with Ena Sharples instead of William Hartnell).

    On the tenth Doctor, though, they've asked me to do an episode of the
    strip... so stay tuned!


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