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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm still not dead

Haven't updated this in a while and it's getting to the point where people are e-mailing me and phoning me to ask if I'm all right. I am, I'm fine and dandy, thanks for asking. I haven't been posting (or working much) because my wife has been in bed with pneumonia and I've been doing extra child-minding duties. She's on the mend, I'm back at the drawing board, and the sun has got his hat on (hip hip hip hooray).

This weekend: The Bristol Comics Festival! I'll be there doing my usual buy-my-artwork-to-feed-my-children schtick, and I may even have a new(ish) minicomic or two if I can get my new laser printer working in time. If not, it'll be the same old shit I bring every year, I'm afraid.

On the boards right now: A story for the anthology ROSETTA (which may or may not be accepted when they see what a pig's ear I'm making of it), a new episode of Shaenon Garrity's web comic SMITHSON (which I'm rather pleased with), and a five-page GOON story featuring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore (that was the pitch Eric Powell liked!). Talking to Marvel Comics and Doctor Who Magazine about more stuff at the moment, none of which is cast in stone yet so I should probably keep schtum for now.

Now you know.

I don't have access to my regular computer right now because we've got builders in, so there's no pretty picture to accompany this post. You'll have to imagine one. All right... think of lavender. There's a field of the stuff. The sky is glowing, orange and pink, as the sun gradually sets in the distance. A gnarled old tree is off to one side of the picture, its trunk battered by decades of exposure to the elements. Ivy wraps itself around its dead trunk, hinting at the possibility of new life. In the middle of the field is a cow, an old cow which chews its cud thoughtfully, as if imagining an idyll from bygone days. Standing next to the cow is Doctor Who. There you go!


  1. Err, whichever one spent a lot of time with cows.

  2. Probably this one (on the left) then!

  3. Glad you're back and okay, Roger. I've missed the blog.


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