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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Nun Has Landed

I'm very pleased to report that the new Knuckles the Malevolent Nun comic, She Might Get Rather Crude, is now available through the Hotel Fred. As an added enticement, I'm giving away a free sketch to anybody who orders one directly from me (selected from my groaning pile of convention sketches which are otherwise going to clutter the place up indefinitely).

The banner above doesn't click through to anything, by the way - I couldn't work out how to do that. Mister Technology, me.

Still doing the Fin Fang Foom story I mentioned last time. One more page of pencils to go. My next thing in print is likely to be the Doctor Who story, which should be in the December issue of DWM (#390). James Offredi has coloured it beautifully. Here's a taste:


  1. Your WHo stuff looks great, it has a nice cartoony edge.
    You should be doing the strip for Dr Who adventures.

  2. OOh ta! Although I suspect I'm too slow for DW Adventures. They crank those things out at a hell of a rate. (And if there's anything I really should be doing, it's my own stuff...)

  3. This is looking superb Roger. And it's impossible to overstate James Offredi's abilities: the guy's a genius. His work on The First was stellar*.

    *as was yours, natch.

  4. The First was top-notch all round, and all credit to you for making it so, sir! My daughter asked me to read the first couple of chapters to her (she was four at the time) and as I was reading the Doctor's lines about how Shackleton was a hero simply because everybody lived, I felt really proud to be associated with it and to be passing that world-view on to her.

  5. I've been glowing a little ever since reading this comment! Thanks a lot, Roger.


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