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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Disney Biz

Thought I'd post a few of the spot illos I did during my brief dalliance with the Mouse. Now that Disney Adventures Magazine is no more I think I've a better chance of getting away with it. This was the third of the illustrations I did for their editorial credits page - the idea being that I was supposed to incorporate the credits into the illustration. It's hard to think where else they could be used, so it's either here or oblivion. This one was for a pirate-themed issue.

Currently pencilling the second of the new Fin Fang Four shorts - this one is a Fin Fang Foom solo story. There's a Googam one already written for me to jump into next, Little Orphan Angry, which is really really good. So's the Fin one, actually - super-tight comedy plotting in a scenario realistic enough to be credible but odd enough to be funny, like a Carl Barks ten-pager. I can think of worse ways to wrap up the FFF's adventures.


  1. Does this mean you are stuck with the Muppets pages as well? How many did you do?

  2. There were about fifteen pages' worth of Muppet stuff. They could conceivably still be published one day, if Disney have the will to do it. It's all so maddeningly vague.

  3. Too bad. I am a big Muppet fan, just as you were. I believe my whole taste in music was formed by the Muppets. I am also a fan of your work, starting with the stuff in the Big Books. I was hoping to see here where your work can be found these days...


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