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Monday, November 12, 2007

These Doctors Are Crazy!

Amazingly, and perhaps rather foolishly, I've gone through all my old Blog entries and figured out which Doctor Who illustrations I haven't posted yet. Starting today I'll work through 'em, because I know one or two people give a damn. And it will give me an excuse to update a bit more regularly.

For those of you who are either indifferent to or can't stand the sight of the good Doc, I'll make sure it's only every other post. See if I can't dredge up some other dross for the rest of you.

Newsy bit: there's a piece at Newsarama about this Avengers special that the first of the Fin Fang Four shorts by Scott Gray and me will be appearing in. Although it looks like they didn't actually use any of the interview Scott and I did with them, so I don't know what that's all about. We were hilarious, it goes without saying.

That graphic novel I'm working on has had a couple of false starts. I might post the abandoned pages next time, actually. Starting again today, trying to thumbnail the damn thing first before I jump in and draw a lot of stuff I can't use. Worse, I seem to be afraid of writing again and I don't know when that happened. I thought I was cured. I guess the only cure is to do more of it...


  1. Sorry? Graphic novel? What's this then? What, for whom and when?

  2. Not actually for anybody (except myself, to prove to myself I'm not entirely a corporate flunkie). You may remember me describing the story to you at a convention a couple of years ago, after a few beers. I've rewritten the plot a few times since then. I'm going to try to find somebody who will publish it once I've actually produced a fair chunk on my own. It's that or Doctor Who and Fin Fang Foom for the rest of my career.

  3. Me? Remember something from a couple of years back? Told to me while beered up? Hardly likely. Throw me some key words and I'll see if anything stirs in the dusty back rooms of what I laughingly call my brain.

    Is it something close enough to being "all ages" material that First Second might be interested in due course?

  4. See if the second paragraph of the "Wireless Wanderings and Tardis Tinkerings" post jogs any brain cells. The climax involved Hancock's Half Hour, if that rings any bells with you...

    It'll probably be near enough to all ages, in the old Hollywood sense (i.e. there'll be no full frontal genitalia or excessive effing and blinding, but it'll be about adult relationships, so it will depend on the kid, really).

  5. Nope, don't remember any of that. Which proves absolutely nothing. You may well have described the entire thing to me in considerable detail with accompanying slides, my butterfingered memory could easily have retained no trace of it.

    Sounds intriguing anyway. Bit of a change of tone for you or am I misconstruing where you're pitching it?

  6. Nothing would make me happier than a collection of your great Doctor Who illustrations. Love 'em. Can't get enough of 'em. Can't wait until you do one of David Tennant.

    I eagerly await each and everyone you post.


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