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Monday, September 01, 2008

And another thing...

I'm very good at forgetting things. I'm a champion forgetter. I could forget for England if they didn't already have people who can do that much better than I can. So I should mention that I forgot to plug the new Tripwire Annual, which has a new(ish) Fred the Clown strip contained within -- actually a redrawn and recoloured old web strip, but don't tell everyone. You'll recognise the cover because it's got Doctor Who on it, which I'd be tempted to call a coincidence (on the basis of my association with Doctor Who Magazine) if it weren't for the fact that I don't think I know anybody these days who isn't occasionally involved with Doctor Who in some capacity or another. My longtime collaborator and friend Cornelius Stone discovered a missing William Hartnell episode a few years back; Scott Gray of Fin Fang Four wrote the strip for yonks. And it turned out that my son's godfather worked on The Runaway Bride and set fire to the Tardis on his first day. I don't know if they asked him back.


  1. The very same. According to his agent, he "wasn't considered quite Doctor Who enough" for them to be asked back - in other words, he's heterosexual.


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