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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pet Goth

Back from Birmingham, where I had a most splendid time. I always do, mainly because I get a chance to catch up with a whole lot of people I hardly ever see otherwise. I also sketched a whole lot of sketchy goodness, sometimes for the many nice people who came up and asked for one, sometimes for my own amusement during the slow patches. Some of those done for my own amusement can be seen below (click for a bigger version).

I was pleasantly surprised how many Goths wanted me to draw the Muppets. I love Goths. I want to wrap one up and take one home with me. They'd be right at home in the cupboard under the stairs.


  1. Wonder-Fred, that's just...wrong.

    Great to see you, Roger. I tried out that flatting filter, very bloody useful, I wish I'd given it a go before now! I did mean to ask you if you ever obtained some of that Strathmore 500 paper and if you did, what you thought of it?

  2. Hey, read your comic Mugwhump on activate (just to give you idea why I'm on your page) These are beautiful. I really like the combination of that linework with the charcoal( Is it it pencil) PLus they each have their own funny characteristic. Pretty rockin' man!

  3. Based solely on the Penguin sketch, you should get a chance a Batman series. Honestly. Just plain fun.

  4. Steve: Thanks for the kind words! Yes, it's black pencil, from a kids' colour pencil set. It's the convention sketcher's friend!

    Lunchbox: I did a two issue story in Legends of the Dark Knight a few years back. The editor was fired the next month. Just sayin'.

    Faz: Never got around to the Strathmore. I picked up a ton of my beloved Zeta Mattpost paper last time I was in New Zealand and I'm happy to work my way through that for the next few years...

  5. I love your drawing, i think i made a tit of myself trying to say as much at bristol AND birmingham this year. Now I remember your Hellboy drawings (and remember enjoying them) and still think that getting work looking as great and finished as yours looks 'painful' to me.

  6. I'm one of the goths you did a Muppet sketch for! You can keep me in your cupboard if I can have a pet Langridge under my stairs to draw Muppets all day long :-)

  7. I've certainly had worse offers! Can I bring sandwiches?

  8. By 'eck these are good. The Superman is probably my favourite - it has a nice Matt Wagner flavour. And another thumbs up over here for the pencil/charcoal effect - I tried something similar myself recently and, er, it didn't look quite as good as this.

  9. wonder-fred?!!! awesome!

    been a big fan of your stuff for what seems forever, man, from way back in the Deadline days ( hell, I even bought Horrible Histories 'cause you & Nick Abadzis were contributors! ). a most excellent site. thanks for sharing.

  10. It's a deal! I shall arrive next week looking gothy and gift wrapped :)

    ps - sandwiches will be provided

  11. Are any of these available to buy Roger?

  12. E-mail me at and we can sort something out...


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