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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Disney Dribblings

It's my daughter's sixth birthday today. Blimey. Where did that go.

Just about finished the second of the short Captain America stories I'm writing for Marvel Adventures. This officially puts me ahead of schedule. Yay! It looks like Scott Gray will be writing the first 16 pages of each book now, which makes me very happy indeed. (He'll be doing the 21st Century Cap, I'm doing the World War Two stuff.) Scott's plot outlines look fantastic. I'll have to actually work at this.

For no reason at all, except that the magazine's been gone for long enough now that I don't think posting the illustrations here will make any waves, here's a piece I did for the defunct Disney Adventures. For a few months there I was their official credit masthead illustrator... fun job while it lasted. I've got a few more of these I'll post over the next little while.

Currently working on: Muppets, Nick Mag, Captain America, more or less in rotation. Plus I'm illustrating a two-page strip for Cthulhu Tales (did I spell that right?) which imagines H. P. Lovecraft's early, failed career as a writer of descriptive paragraphs for chocolate boxes, which is such a lovely idea I wish I'd thought of it myself.


  1. Busy man! Good to hear

    I'm juggling jobs myself just now.

    Drawing Lovecraft sounds like fun. Is it black and white or colour? I think I'd like to have a go at one of those stories, is it an ongoing title?

  2. I believe so. It's published by Boom Studios. I'm supposed to be colouring it as well, so either it's going to be published in colour or those guys have a warped sense of humour.

  3. Love this piece. Glad you're posting this stuff since I don't think I'd see it otherwise (considering I never saw Disney Adventures on any shelf even when it WAS published...)
    Still stoked for the Muppets!!
    I'm SO jealous.
    I wish I got that gig.
    They have the right fellow, though. That cover is simply inspiring!!


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