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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hands Up

Disney's crack team of thumb-twiddlers have finally given my first Muppet script the go-ahead, so things are finally moving. Moving at a slightly faster speed than I was prepared for, in fact. Boom Studios have decided to go with variant covers on the first issue, they want them both drawn by me, and they want them yesterday. Eek! Here's the first one in pencil form...

Boom, like Disney Adventures before them, have asked me to do the characters in my own style, but even so, there are some that simply don't work unless you get them just so (Miss Piggy being the most glaring example). I've tried my best to do them justice. But my god, I hope it gets easier. The last thing I want is a crowd of glove puppets outside my window carrying burning torches, the smell of hot foam rubber and felt scorching the night air.


  1. Great job! They look fantastic! It never occurred to me that someone could take the Muppets and design them in their own style, but I have to say you pulled it off in spades. It's easy to tell which character is which. Scooter's my favorite from that drawing. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. That is a masterpiece! This job was just made for you, Roger. Love the pigs, love Gonzo, love the theatre feel of it. All the characters are spot on, but Statler and Waldorf look more like themselves that the puppets do... how is that possible? I shall be buying this. Erm... where will i be able to buy it from?

    Did you redraw the logo? It looks just like the old one, but somehow like one of yours.

  3. It should be coming out in March at all good comic stores. The logo is the genuine original, nothing to do with me... I suspect any resemblance to my own calligraphic scratchings is due to the Muppets' influence on my own sensibilities at an impressionable age.

  4. Your Miss Piggy is very fetching. Can't wait to see what you do with Lou Zealand ...

  5. Awesome! Fantastic! Superb! That's a hell of a group shot and you nailed the look on each and every one.

  6. Not so much into brown-nosing when someone is clearly disrespecting simple characteristics of longtime favourites...

    You should go over to - read the comments, and at least take the criticism from your future audience to heart.

    Even if the assignment is to stylize the characters at your own feel, there's still room for improvement. So please hear out the concerns, and respect the characters' characteristics!

  7. Dear Mr Anonymous,

    I'm not interested in disrespecting anybody's vision of the characters, quite the reverse. Please understand that my job is to do what the editors have asked me to do, which is to interpret the characters in my own style. I am attempting to do this while at the same time keep the characters recognisable and truthful, simultaneously trying to compensate for the lack of vocal inflection with an increased elasticity of expression; drawing lifeless on-model mannequins is in nobody's interests. In short, I'm walking a tightrope and will inevitably get things wrong from time to time. I would ask you to be patient and not to judge the material before seeing it in a story context (stories which, incidentally, have been rigorously vetted by Disney and by Jim Lewis at Henson, and with which by all accounts they're extremely happy so far).

    Thanks for your comments. Please be aware that in future I will exercise my right to delete any comments posted anonymously. I am happy to take criticism if you are prepared to stand behind it by posting your name. I don't expect to have to defend myself against accusations you wouldn't make to my face. Thank you for understanding that.

  8. Dear Mr. Langridge,

    Fair enough. I realize that some of my language was too harsh, and I want to apologize. The reason behind this is that these characters have such a special place in my heart, and that I feel very passionate about this topic; especially when it comes to visuals. Thank you for your consideration, and I honestly hope that you'll produce a great product.


  9. Thanks Ben - very good of you to offer a virtual handshake, as it were. Please consider my hand extended in the same spirit. As I say, I will get things wrong, but it won't be because I didn't try to get them right!

  10. Gotta keep it short otherwise I'd was more lyrical, looks fantastic, Roger! If anybody can do a good job on the Muppets it's you!


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