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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Young Boris!

As promised, here's my "Young Boris" strip wot I did for Time Out. For non-UK readers, I think all you need to know to get up to speed is that Boris Johnson is the mayor of London, famous for howlingly politically-incorrect clunkers and coming across like a public school buffoon (the British call private schools "public schools" for some obscure reason I've forgotten). "The evil Doctor Livingstone" is the previous mayor, and was Boris' opponent in the mayoral elections. Ta-dah.


  1. Ooh, love the fake ageing on the covers and the pretend dotty printing. Nice touches.

  2. Thank you sir. If there's one thing I can do, it's pretend to be dotty.

  3. I too admire the dots, blemishes and ageing not to mention your subtlety and restraint of use.

  4. Lovely work, as ever. And I have to concur with the consensus - your fake dottiness is just as convincing as your fake ageing.

  5. Oh this is wonderful. The pay-off is very funny and, surprisingly, rather touching. Whodathunkit?

  6. Yeah! I wish I could take credit for the script - all the words were supplied by "Mother", the ad agency who packaged the thing. Such a lovely idea.

  7. Wull, it's beautifully drawn too!

  8. Nice, I like. Works on every level.


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