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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Christmas Clown

Here's that Fred the Clown Futurama cameo mentioned last week, which Chris Reilly was kind enough to send me. What an odd feeling... in a nice way.

Nate Cosby at Marvel has suggested the extremely talented and wonderful Sonny Liew as an artist for my Spider-Man story, which is so great I could sceam. He's a fabulous artist, and I really hope he says yes, particularly as my entire story pitch is now based around the idea that he'll be drawing it.

And since this will be the last update before Christmas, let me just wish everyone a very merry one.


  1. Lovely little panel from Futurama, what a joy!

    I'd never heard of this Sonny Liew guy, but have to say he's done some lovely work. he's a pleasantly surprising choice.

    merry Xmas!

  2. Great X-MAS piece! Must say, I'm a big fan of your cartooning. Top notch! Happy holidays.


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