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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Salons, Scripts and Stories

First, those of of you in the New York area might like to know about the ACT-I-VATE Salon this Thursday - details below, or follow the link.

This week I was asked by Marvel to write a four-issue series for their Marvel Adventures line. This is exactly the sort of thing I gave up my magazine illustration work to be able to do more of - it's just where I think the biggest challenges are for me creatively right now - so I said yes, and now I have to figure out how the hell I'm going to do it. The brief is to do a big cosmic thing starring the Avengers and Thanos, loosely based on an old story in the Marvel Universe proper which I'd never heard of. Go on, lemming, over the cliff...

Quick recommendation: Art & Story, the podcast on the craft of creating comics. Right now they're in the middle of a series called "Your Comic from the Ground Up", where the hosts, Mark and Jerzy, discuss just that - how to build a long-form comic story from scratch. Really good stuff, especially to someone like me, who's way more comfortable in the "3-minute pop-song" end of comics.

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