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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

You Were Rubbish, Sir

In the UK we don't really have a tradition of trick-or-treating - it's an American invention that commercial forces have been trying to force down our throats over here for about a decade now. So every Halloween we get a lot of people who don't really know the procedure trying to do something we've only ever seen on television. But even with that caveat, there was no excuse for the kid (about 13) who knocked on our door without a costume of any kind. We asked him what he was dressed as; his reply, after thinking about it for way too long, was, "Um... I'm a chav." Well, I'll tell you, he only got one lolly from us! Oh my yes! And a stern admonition to try harder next year! I don't know what we need Halloween for here anyway - we've got a perfectly good Catholic-burning five days later we can celebrate.


  1. I'd have expected a more quality trick or treater round your way, I must say. In these here parts, 'trick' has an entirely different connotation.

  2. I have to tell you, this happens here in the States, too.
    Isn't it sad? at such a young age and already trying to avoid working- even when it involves FUN!!
    I still tend to side with "give them a treat" because... well, the alternative is a"trick" and who wants to clean off toilet paper from their house the next morning?

  3. Here in the states, just three years ago, I had the same situation. A beggar with no costume. The difference was that he was 5 years older than me. It's the only time I've screamed at a beggar. My wife thought I'd lost my mind. But we're talking about a 35 year old man looking for candy...

  4. I screamed at the trick-or-treaters I had this year, but I was trying to amuse children by pretending I was terrified. And I already look like a beggar.


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