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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I designed a tattoo! My artwork is now a permanent part of someone's body. How about that.

I believe the final issue of Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson is out this Wednesday. I think I managed to pull everything together at the end (by the skin of my teeth), but from here on in there'll be a lot more of a self-contained quality to each issue. That whole series was quite the learning experience.

Looks like I'll be drawing a Doctor Who story next year for the Who Mag! It'll be a ten-page short story with the Eleventh Doctor, written by Jonathan Morris, and without giving the concept away, let's just say it sounds like the research will be a lot of fun.

Finished the script for the first issue of the Muppet Show: Guest Stars story arc this week, featuring Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. There's also a brief appearance by Galileo which should make Mike Dawson very happy.


  1. Any chance of getting some Doctor Who art here on the blog? I'm not sure I've ever seen your definitive David Tennant... I love your Doctor Who work

  2. I don't draw the Doctor regularly these days, though I've done a couple of David Tennant comic strips over the past few years. Check out the post at for a sample.


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