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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And it's got a pig in it

So, if you haven't heard, it looks like the venerable Doctor Who Magazine is up for an Eagle Award this year, for work published during 2010 (which, among other fine comic strip adventures, includes the Eleventh Doctor adventure Planet Bollywood by myself and Jonathan Morris). So there's that. Well done, chaps!

This week, I did some cover roughs for a book that I'm rather looking forward to holding in my hands at some point this year. I'm keeping that under my hat for now, though I'm including a detail from one of the roughs that didn't make the cut with this post, just because I'm an awful tease.

This week's major struggle has been between working fast and working well. I thought I'd have a go at trying to throw a one-pager together very quickly. I'd been talking to someone about possibly taking on some more work, so I thought I should have a trial run before committing to anything, just to see if I could work fast enough not to jeopardise any other work I've got on and still come up with something that reads well and looks good. 

Turns out I can't. It looks fine, it's funny, but it's taken me ages - and since the whole point of the exercise was to see what I could do quickly, I'd have to consider the experiment a failure. Still, I've got a nice one-pager out of it which I'm sure will turn up somewhere, one way or another.

And it's got a pig in it. You can't go wrong with pigs.

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