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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thor Points

Couple of bits of Thor: The Mighty Avenger-related news.

First, the second volume of Thor: TMA is now available. Hooray! Please buy early and often.

Second, there's a short preview on the interwebs of the Free Comic Book Day Captain America/Thor special Chris Samnee and I did - a little something to whet your appetite. The story is a big, daft romp through the world of King Arthur, with dragons, mysticism, Loki, and a couple of goofballs in tights. Something of a last hoorah for us.

In other news - nothing! I have no other news.

I did a bit of a chat to a couple of classes at my daughter's school this week in support of a "Book Week" they're doing (I did a quick Google to see if this is a wider initiative, but apparently not). That was fun. Scrambling to get back on schedule ever since, though... maybe I could get a couple of the kids to help me.

Then they can clean my chimney. Yeah.

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